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A Beautiful Pause, An Invitation to Healthy Living & Creating Rich Memories

At the end of May, I decided to pull the plug on our old web site and start over. There were several reasons for this decision, and I know it will eventually be for the better. However, it has been a lot of work, and there is still So. Much. To. Do. for the site to be fully functional.

Sadly, I lost most of the blog posts because I created them in the old site and did not back them up anywhere else. Lesson learned.

Anyway, here we are, starting a brand-new blog. It really needs a catchy name. But that can come later.

If this is your first time here, welcome! If you are following along from our previous site, welcome back! I’m so glad that you all have come!

If I could, I would offer you a cup of coffee or tea…or kombucha…or citrus-mint infused water. Can you tell I like beverages?

a beautiful pause spent with friends over tea and enjoying hygge moments together

And I would invite you to gather around my table or in our living room. Hopefully, I’d have something fresh-baked to offer you, as well.

Cozy gatherings with a spread of good food are some of my favorites!

And then we could get to know each other.

Since I can’t introduce myself in person, you can learn a little about me and how A Beautiful Pause came into existence on our About Page.

This seems a little unfair, because right now I have to do all the talking. Later in this post, I’ll see if I can get technology to cooperate and make your visit a little more hospitable. I’ll give you a chance to talk.

Let’s move on to what you can expect each time you come to visit.

We’re Informal Here

Kick off your shoes. Grab that beverage. Feel free to put your feet up on the sofa and lean into the pillows.

This space will be informal and cozy. Kind of like sitting around the fireplace and chatting.

If you’re an English and grammar major, I apologize. It may be slightly annoying to you. I hope you don’t choose to leave because I’m too relaxed. Or because you think I’m uneducated. I know all about proper sentence structure and punctuation. I loved diagramming sentences in English class and conjugating verbs in Spanish.

But I don’t want things to be that stuffy here. Simple is good. Incomplete sentences are accepted. It’s just casual conversation. Like we’re family or best friends hanging out.

Anyone need another cup of tea or coffee?

Anyone is welcome here. I will admit right up front that I am a Jesus-follower. And I will talk about Jesus and God and living a godly life because it isn’t something that can be separated from who I am. It’s not just a Sunday thing for me.

And I understand that not everyone will want to hang out with me because of that. That’s okay. I’m not offended. But you are welcome. No matter your race, color, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, religion or non-religion.

I may have just offended some of my conservative friends by saying that. I’m sorry. And yet I’m not.

Life is complicated. I’m doing my best to try to understand it. And to understand how God lives and moves among us. I ask often. I hope you'll join me in this journey to understand and love our neighbors.

So yes, there will be some discussion about Jesus-things here. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to preach sermons. No. I don’t think so. But I’m not going to filter out what I believe either. It’s part of me as much as my skin is a part of me.

Slow-Paced, Healthy Living

If you become a regular reader, it is important to know what benefit you will receive from this blog in exchange for your precious time.

In this space you will find things related to all areas of healthy living. Physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational. Specifically, how pausing contributes to health in these areas.

This is not a blog to take the place of medical expertise or licensed advisers, however. Please seek counsel from qualified professionals if you need it.

Discovering What’s Beautiful in the World

natural beauty that calls us to slower living and hygge moments for self care, soul care, and making time for family and friends

Hygge will be a big theme here. (Pronounced HOO-guh, which will be discussed more in a future post) Yes, yes! Cozy things speak to me in a deep way. Maybe that’s because so much of my life has been spent in the cold. First in Michigan, now in Minnesota, with Indiana as a stop for a few years in-between.

As an example, in October or November, I will once again share my 100+ ideas for winter activities. The list was compiled ten years ago out of desperation, as we were saying farewell to summer and sadly facing the onset of another forever-long winter.

Hygge hadn’t yet “come to America” when the list was made. But you’ll see that everything on the list shouts hygge. I just didn’t know it then.

Of course, hygge exists in all seasons. Not just in the cold. So, yes, there will be much hygge! Summer hygge is my favorite!

**By the way, can I pass around the pastries and drinks again? Stop a moment and listen to the song of the robin coming through the open window. Glory!**

Memories, True Treasures that Last a Lifetime

Family time and traditions! Those will be here in abundance.

If you don’t have family, or you are from a dysfunctional family, don’t leave. You’re not alone. I’m well-acquainted with that too.

This is getting pretty personal, even a little uncomfortable, because we like to give the appearance online that all is perfect in our lives. But not here. If you look up dysfunctional in the dictionary, my childhood family name appears there.

But there is hope! What’s that saying? “We can’t change the past, but we can change our destiny.” I think that’s it.

To avoid any confusion, though, from now on, any reference to my family means my current family. My growing-up family won’t be a topic here. Today I am happily married and have 3 stepchildren.

But don’t feel that you can’t stay if you don’t come from the perfect family. I sure didn’t! Well, I still don’t. Even my current family, we are FAR from being the poster family! Faaaaarrrr.

Also, as a side note, many of the traditions that my current family and I celebrate are a carry-over from the time when I was single. You can start building happy memories from wherever you are. You don’t have to wait.

Time Stretchers

Let’s see, what else can you expect?

Time-saving ideas. Not for the purpose of squeezing more into your busy schedule. Heavens, no!

Here we like to save time so we can have more time to Relax. Refresh. Renew.

slow paced living that savors the moment and time savers for more hygge moments

We need the time to pause so we can build healthy lives and relationships.

And that brings us right back to the start.

We are here to pause from the busy & to savor the moment. SO we can build healthy lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally. SO we can build healthy relationships.

Make Cyber Space More Cozy

I promised many words ago that I would give you a chance to talk.

I would love to hear about you! Tell me where you’re from and anything you are comfortable sharing. And I’d love to hear what you hope to gain from this blog.

If you wish to share more than you’re comfortable posting in a public forum, you can email

In a cozy home setting, trust is essential. Your email address will not be sold or given to anyone else. Nor will you receive any emails from A Beautiful Pause attempting to sell you anything. What you share will be kept confidential. Nothing will be posted.

If you wish to sign up for our newsletter to learn about specials and events and additional tips, you can do that separately by filling out the form at the bottom of our web site.

Okay, now it’s your turn to talk. Tell me about you and what you hope to gain here.

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