Power Pauses No. 006-No. 010

Here is a recap of the Power Pauses share on A Beautiful Pause's Facebook page this week.

No. 006

It's worth the pause to notice how light brings out different "moods" on the landscape throughout the day. Overcast days create different moods than clear days, and the beauty differs throughout the various seasons too.

No. 007

Take a moment to intentionally look at your plate of food. Look at the colors, the textures. Pause to let your eyes and heart feast before your taste buds.

No. 008

Take a few minutes to learn something new. Maybe this is the day to sign up for painting classes. However, it doesn't have to be anything that big. It could be a 5-minute pause to learn a new crochet stitch or the identification of a bird at your bird feeder. It could be your new neighbor's name or a new vocabulary word. Maybe it's to really hear and understand another person's perspective. Big or small, enjoy the thrill that comes from learning something new.

No. 009

How often do we pour a glass of water without ever thinking about the wealth of what is easily at our disposal? Years ago I read a book about what it's like to live in a region of the world without access to clean water. Something as basic as clean water gives us advantages in life that others in the world are without. Just think about how different life would be if, as an example, e coli were in every water source in your area. How would it change your life? What would your day look like? It's worth pausing to give thanks for the gift of clean water!

No. 010

Spread thankfulness on your social media. We need more of that online! We'd love it if you'd tag @abeautifulpause on Facebook or Instagram, so we can be thankful with you!

If you don't have social media, share at the dinner table with your family or friends what you are thankful for. We like to ask each person to share around our dinner table to share three good things that happened today or ask what each person is thankful for. It makes great conversation, and it gives each person an opportunity to tell about their day.

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