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Who couldn't use a little more coziness in their environment these days? This is a lovely addition to your home office or living space!


Choose 3 of the same candles




Create a brand new blend by choosing 2 or 3 different fragrances.


When burned together, the fragrances blend together into something new.


Be as creative as you like. We're also happy to give suggestions.

Some popular choices are:


salt & sage + lavender lemongrass + black pepper
vat 9 + Egyptian cotton + salt & sage

Egyptian cotton + relaxation + lavender lemongrass


(All candle options & descriptions are listed at bottom)


Each candle has a 20-hour burn time.


Because the candles are made in small batches & hand-poured, there may be some slight variations in color. However, they are made with love and throw a lovely scent while they add beauty to your home.


This flight comes with a metal holder. You may purchase "refills" without the cage.



Price includes shipping within the contiguous USA.

Inquire about shipping rates to other regions



Egyptian Cotton - freshly laundered. clean ozone supported by modern wood accord. musk on the finish (ahhhh)


Relaxation - clear your head with peppermint, lavender, spearmint, & eucalyptus. (simply relax)


Lavender Lemongrass - a fresh blend of lemongrass & lavender. powerful & invigorating. (uplifting & tranquil)


Lemon Basil - Almafi lemon, lime peel, freshly crushed Italian basil finishing with hints of parsley & sage (molto bello)


(OUTOF STOCK) Vat 9 - blended in our vat #9! cranberry, honeysuckle, clove, & cedarwood followed by vanilla sugar & nutmeg (truly special)


(OUT OF STOCK) Salt & Sage - top notes of sea air, salt, & mineral textures of sand & stone. driftwood, seaweed, & strong sage. (beach day)


Black Pepper - strong black pepper oil, vetiver, bergamot, & musk round out this rich & exotic blend. (extraordinaire)


Siberian Fir - Pure, freshly cut Christmas tree. A strong scent of Siberian fir balanced with a touch of sweet nectar. True to form (walk in the woods)


(OUT OF STOCK) Wild Currant - fill your home with an intoxicating blend of red currant & black currant. (fresh & fruity)


(ONLY 3 LEFT) Redemption - dominated by orange, clove, & lemon with hints of spicy nutmeg, cinnamon. finishing with an apple accord.


Lauren's Lavender Garden - close your eyes & envision miles of purple fields. rich & enticing. (calm & ease)


Cashmere - Strong jasmine, rose, & tuberose, followed by orange, black pepper, & musk (beyond expectation)


Fall Harvest - warm apples blended with classic fall spices. (fabulous fall fragrance)


Pumpkin Spice - rich pumpkin, fresh spice, & a hint of baked crust fill the air (fall favorite!)

3 Candle Flight with Metal Holder

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