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A board game that the whole family can play.



Up in a hive in that tree over yonder,

The Queen Bee has a decision to ponder.

Winter is coming, and the hive is congested

To decide who can stay, all bees will be tested!

The Queen shall ask questions, and then she will see

Which of her bees answer most identically.

Those who match answers, with thinking aligned

Will prove they can stay within the Hive Mind™!


Unlike other trivia games, questions are based on experiences rather than knowledge; everyone will be able to relate and participate.


Created by world-famous game designer Richard Garfield to be a memorable experience for any family or any group of 3 to 12 players.


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Ages 8+, 3-12 players



Price includes shipping within the contiguous USA.

Inquire about shipping rates to other regions.

Hive Mind Board Game

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