Do you have aches or pains? A rice bag can provide comfort and relief. Put the bag into the microwave to warm it and use in the place of a heating pad, or chill the bag in the freezer to provide cool comfort.


Cold feet when you get into bed? No problem! Warm the rice pack and place at the foot of your bed to take the chill off.


You get to choose 1 base pack, available as UNscented or lavender. Plus, you get to choose 1 washable, plush cover.


The base rice pack measures 14" x 5" x 1.5". The cover has a velcro closure and is slightly larger than the base pack so you can take it off to wash it, or switch to a different cover. Additional covers sold separately.


Fabric choices available, as well as scent choices. Select from UNscented, lavender, peppermint, or lavender & peppermint.


Price includes shipping within the contiguous USA.

Large Rice Pack to Heat or Chill with Washable Cover (Customizable)

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