Enjoy aromatherapy in the shower! You don't have to be a bath lover to enjoy the benefits of fizzies.


These are specially made for the shower. When the tablets are put in the back of the shower, out of the direct spray, the water will activate them and the steam will carry the scent of the essential oils, creating a wonderful spa-like effect.


Select your scent

* Lavender - calming

* Eucalyptus - clearing

* Fresh Burst (a minty lemon) - awakening

* Good Day (spearmint & rosemary) - invigorating

* Woodland Retreat - outdoorsy, like being at the cabin

* Spice of Life - warm, spicy, with some citrus added in.


The number of uses per tablet will depend on how much water gets on the tablet. I get 2-3 uses out of each one by keeping the tablet out of the direct spray and by putting the tablet up in the soap dish when I am finished with my shower.


Order includes 3 Shower Tablets. You can choose your scents in the options. If you want a different combination than the choices listed, put a note in the comments.


Each tablet weighs 2 oz.


SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE is now available!


Note: These have essential oils and are for SHOWER USE ONLY. Do not use in a bath or allow to remain in contact with skin. There are no carrier oils. FOR ADULT USE ONLY. Pregnant & nursing women should consult their physician before use. Cancer patients should check with their oncologist before using products with essential oil, as some essential oils may interfere with treatment. Those with epilepsy should use essential oils under the guidance of their medical team also, as some oils can trigger seizures.



Price includes shipping within the contiguous USA.

Inquire about shipping rates to other regions.



Inquire about special pricing for orders of 12+ shower tablets.


Shower Fizzies

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  • Price includes shipping within the contiguous USA.

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