Creating products or moments to help people pause from the busy and savor "little pleasures + life's treasures"

In April 2016, Jill was working as a nanny for a family with three children, ages 5, 3, and 2. She was also a wife, step-mom, homemaker, and small group leader at her church. Life was busy. Life was draining. She needed to find small ways to recharge so she could continue to give of herself to the people in her life. She learned to capture little moments here and there and savor them. Sometimes circumstances only provided a few moments to sip a cup of coffee, reheated for the third for fourth time that morning. Other times, she was able to unwind at the end of a day in a bath. What she learned, though, was that it was these little moments seized that kept her going. She also learned that many women find themselves on the fast-track to being overwhelmed. She wanted to find ways to encourage them to carve out those small moments in their days, too, to recharge. A Beautiful Pause was born.

Jill began creating products in her closet at home. Within a few months, she outgrew the space. In January 2017, she began renting a studio in the historic Avalon theatre building in downtown White Bear Lake, MN. Initially, she just intended to use the space for production, but her vision quickly grew as she realized it could also serve as a small retail shoppe and as an event venue. She opened to the public in March 2017.

Jill hand-creates all of the journals and bath products in her studio. She also facilitates art tables, allowing ladies to spend an evening socializing and participating in guided craft encounters, such as papermaking, card making, paper flower making, etc.

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